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I love that with Cleveland Singles, I am actively involved in the process.I get to review my potential matches before I decide to invest time in meeting them.Not every date I have gone out on has been a success, but my matchmakers take my feedback and the next person I meet is always better than the one I met before!

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When you’re seeking to go out on a date, you need to be able to put yourself out there to meet other people.I didn’t just want to go out on dates, I could do that on my own.I wanted to meet a select few quality men who I could consider spending the rest of my life with.I am new in town and Emily’s team took care of all the minute details of the three dates I have been on!From picking out a restaurant to making an actual reservation, they are there to handle the details!

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    I drink more than I should (three to five glasses of wine nightly).

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    Often times I will see that the same way women coo over their pets, they’ll coo over their partner. Colombian men go abroad thinking that they want and prefer a foreign girlfriend. And sometimes, it tears us apart only to bring us back together stronger than ever.