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Berlioz’s growing European reputation evidently preceded his arrival in Germany for his first trip of 1842-1843. The only detail revealed by the correspondence which is not mentioned by the Memoirs is that Marie Recio accompanied him to Hechingen: ‘Pity me, my dear Morel; Marie insisted on singing in Mannheim, Stuttgart and Hechingen.While in Stuttgart in December 1842 one of his contacts there, Dr Schilling, an adviser to the Prince of Hohenzollern-Hechingen, suggested to the prince to invite Berlioz to come and conduct a concert of his music at Hechingen. Lobe in Weimar: ‘I have given a concert here in Stuttgart and another one in Hechingen, and I am very pleased with them as the public seemed satisfied’ (CG no. On the first two occasions this seemed bearable, but the last one! and the mere thought of another singer exasperated her’ (CG no.Above the town, and located in such a way as to dominate it completely, is the Eugenia villa, which is occupied by the prince.To the right of this small palace, there is a deep valley, and a little further a steep and bare summit with on top the old castle of Hohenzollern, which nowadays is no more than a hunting lodge after having been for a long time the feudal home of the prince’s ancestors.The ladies in particular could not get over my top A.[…] Both Berlioz and the prince evidently had fond memories of the occasion.This orchestra puts on for his benefit the most straightforward masterpieces of instrumental music in performances that are plain but carefully prepared.

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He describes the setting: […] Hechingen is just a large village, at most a small town, built on a fairly steep slope, rather like the part of Montmartre which lies at the top of the hill, or better still like the village of Subiaco in the Roman states.An invitation duly followed, conveyed by the baron von Billing, another adviser of the prince. VIII], 800), though Berlioz was pleased with his visit: ‘I am back from Hechingen where I had every possible success and was showered with gifts and kind attentions by the prince’, he writes to his friend Auguste Morel on 3 January (CG no.795). 800, to Auguste Morel, 16-17 January, from Frankfurt).The trip was brief – Berlioz travelled from Stuttgart to Hechingen on the last day of the year, gave a concert on 2 January, and was back in Stuttgart on the 3rd (Correspondance Générale nos. The composer’s correspondence has few details on the occasion (cf. One particular source of friction at Hechingen may have been that princess Eugenie of Hohenzollern-Hechingen was herself an accomplished singer; it is striking in this connection that Berlioz, who otherwise often commented on the artistic talents of aristocratic women, has nothing to say about the princess in his narrative of the visit to Hechingen. The account in the Memoirs provides otherwise a lively description of the occasion.He was also a music-lover and a composer in his own right.He assembled in his residence at Hechingen a small orchestra and started to develop connections with leading composers and musicians of the day, among them Franz Liszt (Liszt’s connections with the prince then and later are apparently never mentioned in Berlioz’s writings).

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