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And why are they continuing to attempt to shove it down our throats?

PC World in the UK) to state they were not legitimising pirates; this is the 'update' to which the Forbes article refers Microsoft subsequently made it very clear what their stance on this was, in a statement from the executive VP of the Windows and Devices Group in May 2015.What kind of business model supports giving away your product for free? An ancient article predicated on an erroneous Reuters article, which renders most of it's conclusions pretty much null and void (and no the minor correction acknowledging the error right at then end doesn't fix that) @strongm - and your proof that this article from Forbes (a very reputable company) is a bunch of web BS is ........ ================================== adaptive uber info galaxies (bigger, better, faster, and more adept than cognitive innovative agile big data clouds) a very reputable company Ah, the appeal to authority argument. Let's see: did you actually check the date on the article?And did you actually read the Update at the end where they grudgingly accept that their assertion in the main body of the article is wrong, and then try to brush it off.This was well known by anyone who was actually following Microsoft's Windows 10 activities at the time.This is not to say that the speculation in the Forbes article was originally BS, as you put it, when it was written, but that later clarifications rendered it incorrect and obsolete, making it somewhat disingenuous of you to try and present it seemingly as fact.

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