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Holly Butcher's letter urging people to cherish their every day on earth went viral this week, after it was revealed she wrote it in the moments leading up to her own death.

The 27-year-old died on Thursday last week after a long battle with Ewing's sarcoma, a cancer in and around the bones.

Gold Coast model and fitness icon, Tammy Hembrow (pictured left and centre with her daughter Saskia, and right), has revealed how a terrifying scare with her one-year-old taught her the value of listening to her instincts.

The hugely popular Instagram star revealed how the ordeal played out, after a supposed 'stomach bug' in fact masked something a lot worse.

Some even donned Akubras in a nod to her being the face of the brand in advertisements several years ago.

What they all soon discovered was a huge 10kg mass that had caused the inspirational Hervey Bay student a lot of pain and changed her usually bubbly personality.

She's now fighting it in a Brisbane hospital where her mum stays bedside.

A Queensland schoolgirl had a mass inside her growing so big doctors thought she might have been pregnant.

Her mother Louise Lavelle thought 11-year-old Cherish-Rose (pictured) had an eating disorder because she started losing weight fast.

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