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Your reasons for restoring will vary, but one reason people often choose to get rid of their jailbreak is to install the latest (not yet jailbroken) version of i OS.

At the time of writing, that’s 7.1.2 and it’s already been jailbroken – but that doesn’t mean you can simply upgrade using the option in .

To do that, simply open up Safari and load a web page. If it doesn't work, disconnect and reconnect to your Wi-Fi router or turn your router off and on again.

It's also important that you're connected to a home network, as many company networks might filter out the connection to Apple's servers.

Both are handled a little bit differently, but the issue is the same.

Before we start: It's crucial that you make sure that your Apple device is connected to the internet when performing this fix.

Using beta software introduces a new element of complexity to the update process.

Reset your Network Settings Sometimes a network issue can cause the problem, but you can reset these settings easily.I'll guide you through any potential issues you might have with the i OS 11 update, and tell you the best methods in fixing them.Below, the guide is divided into two sections: The regular, public updates (the official launches) and the beta updates (the ones you have to sign up to get before anyone else).These are the ones that most of you will be familiar with.1.Shut down the Settings app The first thing to try is shutting down the Settings app.

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