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Forget curry house versions, this is the real deal Cafe Spice Namaste s traditional Parsi lamb dhansak with brown onion rice and meat kebabs. f=17&t=588 BB3/viewtopic.php? And with their available high-resolution cameras, HD displays, stylish designs and innovative technology, our touchscreen mobiles make it easy to find the perfect phone for the way you live. Plus, there one large unanswered question: is Lee endorsing segregation and racism in the film?Believe it or not, in spite of these problems, the film has enough in it for adequate viewing.Page BS I Inside Section A Weather 2 Nation 3-4 World ..5. A strong low pressure system was expected to move into California today, bringing heavy snow across higher eleva- tions of California and Nevada - . A winter storm wonting was in- effect for today for the mountains of Southern Californio above elevations of 5000 feci, where up to a foot of snow wo.s forepasl. Readings were halted-at the Blue Monkey Cafe for two months after owner Theresa Strang was told by the city she needed a S638 cntcnainmcni ~pcrmit. 0 Comm erce Department report last we ek end ed Ma rch 20. The author covers business for Knight-Ridder News Service as president makes much dif Tercnce in a state’s fortune or iis.psychc," said John Bniihmett, political editor of. -- Paul Greenberg, editorial page editor at the Arkansas Dcmoerai- Gozeite, says even though Arkansas’ self-esteem hos improved, "the inferiority complex is still there." “For one to have status, one oficn has to have machines, money, be in Vanity Fair or Vogue," he said." “We , weren’t for a long time. fax ™ ( 208 ) 734-5538 ^ • CLASSIFIED DEADLINES • Line Ads: ... M.' Monday Ibrougb Tbursday lor next day's publication P. regular open rales • Memorial Nollces 12 lines, 1 day, .50 • Free Ad S:- Lost & lound, items to give away 3 lines, 3 days - Wanted'to Buy ads, up to 30 days per insertion. _ - 11246 AND EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY (EEO) and FEDERAL LABOR PROVISIONS. T Opinion 6 Section B Magic Valley...1 Qbituarles 2 , . S^lon C Features .1-8 Calendars 2 Movies 3-4, 7 Comics ....; 6 ■ " Dear Abby .'.r.;.7 “ Section D Sports,... Saturday mostly cloudy with a slfght chance of showers. Weather summary Light rain* and thundershowers were scattered across southern Idaho Thursday, while the north was mostly dry. Rainfall amounts were expected to reach up id 3 inches near th Tniouhiains bcrorc the storm hcads io' Arizona on— Friday a Rcmoon. Utah, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and the eastern sections of Massachusetts. Heavier rainfall otnbuhts for the six-hour' period ending at 1 1 n.m. the 77-aerc compound- early Wednesday evening, FBI Agent Bob Ricks said at a news conference. "Can you imagine Ginsberg and Kcrouac getting ready to do a reading -and-saying,-' Wait a -minuie.-do we- have 6.10 bucks? "A city of poets coming dos(n on poetry, that’s ridiculous." added poet ' Neelie Cherkovski. do wn from 359 .75 0 a WA'SHINGTON Wm Tcr- weather showing ihdrhousing starts slowed to a 2T5 week earlier orid”th«nowcst since 3537^515 nipped more housing activity in February, a percent gain in February a Rer soaring 8.4 were filed during the period ended March 6. Now we are, we think b^ter of ourselves for the wrong reason. • See orilei form lor our open rsts • Fast Cash Ads • .7S/line, t O days, lot ilems priced up to 00 • Guaranteed Ads* 7 days regular price/7days free. Ploaco nolily tho Enginoor-by t:00 p m April 12, 1993 of your intent to oltond. Tho CONTRACTOR will bo roquirod to comply with all ap- plicable FEDERAL and STATE EQUAL EMPLOY- MENT OPPORTUNITY LAWS AND REGULATIONS. Idaho 83213 Soparato soalod BIDS lor ihd c 11/ boorino the namo ol mny submit thoir petitions 4» a nominee for election as pursuant to 8 C. He's quite rightly worried that the racial difference would make an already taboo relationship even worse.When Flipper resigns and Jerry and Leslie pursue him as he leaves the office, there is an exchange that goes - Leslie: "Who's gonna play third base?

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She is upset by the treatment of women in the movie industry during one of her screen tests with 'QT'. See full summary » A successful and married black man contemplates having an affair with a white girl from work.

:: MY CONTACT INFORMATION ON THE NEXT PAGE :: Link = F6Rnr Pues bien, no ten is m s que dos caminos acatar el Decreto expedido por el Congreso o abandonar el Estado como parias .

3 in January, Apple introduced a number of fixes for i OS 8, including security patches which closed the software flaws used by Chinese developer teams Tai G and Pangu to create their respective jailbreak tools.

Page A4 ; Credit crunch easing ‘ Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan tells Corigccss banks seem be easing the credit crunch that has ham- pered business revival efforts. Rain also drenched minra of tlic West, the Appalachians and Massachusetts. Tammany Parish sustained the wor^t damage but there were no reports of injuries. Nuw 8 .*Twm Fall 6 f"Tdaho— A^— Nation Poetic license requires permit in Bay Area *SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — PDclic license is 0 double entendre in the coffeehouses of Sah Fruncisco. Combs, who in six innings-this .spring hasn't been sparkling, insists lie has good velocity and good movement on his pitches. I Balanced ii Brake I [ Service Ig Install shoesor pads, 1 ■ resurface ond true drums or ■ I rotors, Inspect and repack 2 I wheel bearings on I* non-driva axles. “It really had no bearing oii my decision.” The company laid off 140 salaried employees nationwide 14 months ago and. Richard Wamhoff, 47, who has bc Bn president and chief operating of Ticer of — Star-Kist-Scafood-Go.-in-Califomia since last July, will replace White. ”As 1 review the ' current banking situahon, 1 find reasons for optimism, but not complacency.” Greenspan in testimony before the '44ousb Small Busines-s Committee. History shows that most people don’t get serious about retirement planning until about age 50. Even the oldest baby boomers have not hit the half-cemuty mark, he said. Call a Times-Nuws Advertising Sales Represenlative lor more informallon. Tho in Tormolion will indudo tho nnmo and address ol -*5??

Page El Wild argument Eastern Idaho county officials are at odds with federal agencies over enforc- ing wilderness boundaries. Elsewhere in the nation Thursday, the highest tempera- ture was 94 degrees at Del Rio. Tlie thunderstorms produced golf ball-size hail across southern portions of Louisiana and Mississippi and in east- ern Texas, where it damaged roofs opd broke car wind- shields in Tenaha.-No injuries were reported. In Louisiana, the storm system spun off an apparent tor- nado north of Covington and hoilslorms in Acodio, Allen and St. In the West, heavy rain in the mountains above Santa Barbara, Calif., prompted the Notional Weather Service to issue on urban and small stream Ifood advisory for Santo Barbara and Ventura coliniles through today. where permits ure required for poetry read- ings in the city that sustained a gener* -ation-of D cat-poet s. Jaioma 130, 3, Twin Falls 00, 3, VVooil Rtvar t, 4, Mountain Hama 1 7. ■ “Our'surveys and other information indicate that banks' attitudes toword loans and risk-taking are improving.” he said. Winter weather dampens F^riiary housing market The Associated Press The Realtors’ survey came on the heels of claim.s totaled 359,250 during the period • . 8340-101 .90; 400 Id 900 Iba 80.908849: 900 to 900 Iba. When they' do, the savings rate for that group may increase dramatically. • CLASSIFIED PRIVATE PARTY RATES • Senior Discount - 25% off regular open rales • Student Disuounl 25% off.

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